Super Dipol 2/70


is a Dualband Antenna for 2m and 70cm Band. The polarization horizontal/vertical can be changed quickly. This Antenna was originally develloped by Lambdahalbe (Willi, DH3PZ) for the Yaesu FT-817. Unfortunately, this antenna is no longer manufactured commercially, because the company has closed forever at the end of 2023.


I now use this antenna for my quansheng uv-k5, because it not only supports FM but also DSB (doublesideband) and CW. The correct polarization in the respective mode, can reduce losses by up to 20-30db. I like this antenna in combination with this radio very well and would like to provide some information here for the construction.



The antenna consist of the followed parts:


- 1pc BNC male connector

- 1pc pvc pipe 16mm diameter and 180mm long

- 1pc heat shrink tube (for pvc pipe)

- 1pc pvc square tube 11,5mm and 40mm long

- 50 ohm (rg-174 or rg-58) coaxcable 200mm long

- 2pc telescopic whip with 4 sections, completly moved out 605mm long

- 2pc M3 screw 12mm long, nut, washer

- 1pc M3 pvc screw 20mm long, nut


Building this Antenna is very simple. Connect the bnc male with inner an outer to the coaxcable. At the other end of the coax cable you connect each telescopic whip.The thinnest element must be marked at a specific point and can not be pulled out completely. The marking must be set at the end so that the whip has a total length of 473 mm on each side. The resonance should be at 144/145Mhz and also on 432/435Mhz (3. harmonic). For other Frequencies you must play with the length and use an Analyzer. For more information take a look on pictures below


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